o·vule || 'əʊvjuːl /'ɒv- n. egg-like structure which develops into a seed following fertilization (Botany); immature egg (Biology)

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  • ovule — [ ɔvyl ] n. m. • 1798; lat. sav. ovula, du lat. ovum « œuf » 1 ♦ Bot. Chez les angiospermes, Gamète femelle végétal (⇒ oosphère) qui, après la fécondation, se transforme en graine. Pièces afférentes à l ovule : chalaze, funicule, micropyle,… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Ovule — O vule, n. [Dim. of L. ovum an egg: cf. F. ovule. Cf. {Ovolo}, {Ovulum}.] (Biol.) (a) The rudiment of a seed. It grows from a placenta, and consists of a soft nucleus within two delicate coatings. The attached base of the ovule is the hilum, the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ovule — 1830, from Fr. ovule, from Mod.L. ovulum, lit. small egg, dim. of L. ovum egg (see OVUM (Cf. ovum)) …   Etymology dictionary

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  • ovule — [äv′yo͞ol΄, ō′vyo͞ol΄] n. [Fr < ModL ovulum, dim. < L ovum,EGG1] a small egg or seed, esp. one in an early stage of development; specif., a) Bot. a structure in seed plants consisting of a nucellus that contains an embryo sac: it develops… …   English World dictionary

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